Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend - Day 1

Labor Day weekend started off with us getting to spend time with these great kids:

Saturday morning, Harper and I played with her fairy princess paper doll and I may have had more fun than she did! Eli, age 10, thought that all this doll stuff was a little too girly for him but he did agree to put together the stand for us – after I suggested it was probably too complicated for him!

Their little brother, Silas, is just starting to walk and toddles very carefully. But is so proud of himself:

Doc headed out to dove hunt and do other manly things and I spent the rest of the day flitten’ like a flea, as Net says. I had a good visit with Pete and Angel and decided appaloosas must be the biggest drama queens of all equines. They’re pretty, and know it, and so stubborn. I gave Angel, Ivy’s horse, almost all the carrots before Pete would even acknowledge my presence.

Look at him sticking his tongue out at me. Goofy horse.

Net cooked pancakes and sausage and gravy for me, Sis, Oliver and EM. They were on their way to the ball game. Are you ready? Because Elizabeth Magee sure is:

Becca, Martin and I spent the afternoon in Memphis having lunch, browsing at Pottery Barn Outlet and William-Sonoma Outles, watching long-haired hippy people at Whole Foods and registering for the Chick-fil-a 5K run on Monday morning.

I was back in town to serve my Bourbon Slush to Net’s bridge club. They declared it delicious! (I followed this recipe but used 12 ounces each of orange juice concentrate and lemonade concentrate).

Mom and Dad met Sis and Oliver in the Grove and brought back this sweet thing to their house where she enjoyed a fine jar of mashed peas in Uncle Tom Tom’s highchair.

Look Siggi & Granddaddy, I’m vintage!

We ended the night going to Windy City with Net and then headed out to the cabin for a little peace and quiet. You really can’t do too much when a generator is running your well, AC, and lights. When we got out here – about 20 minutes west of town – all we could hear was rock music coming from a bonfire party a few miles down the road. So much for only the sounds of crickets and toads!

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