Monday, September 12, 2011

Irish I was at CelticFest

I spent most of the weekend bobbing in and out of CelticFest at the Ag Museum. Mom, Savannah and I went Friday night and listened to Brian McNeill (Scotland's most meaningful contemporary songwriter) and
Máirtín de Cógáin with The Fuchsia Band. They were all so wonderful - even though I couldn't tell you a word of what they were singing!
On Saturday afternoon, Mom and I went back and listened to a Ballads of Cork Ireland music workshop and a workshop on a tour of Ireland. Did you know that the Book of Kells was written by Celtic monks around the year 800 and contains the four gospels in Latin? Ireland is now on the top of my to-visit buck list!

One of the outside music tents - this was the ballard workshop. There were also workshops on speaking Irish, storytelling, Irish ballards, Irish Ceili dancing and how to play the fiddle, flute/shistle, bodhrán, banjo, etc.

I didn't even know you could take Irish dance lessons, but it looks like much more fun than tap or ballet! Doc absolutely loved this part when we went back Sunday afternoon. It was like their legs operated outside their bodies! The dance groups were from New Orleans, Birmingham and Jackson.  

There were fun booths like this one full of Scottish armory . There were booths selling a little bit of everything. We did buy a coat of arms print that had the history of your surname - I'm not sure how historically accurate it is, but it sounds good.

You've gotta admire a guy who will just walk around in a kilt. Check out the CelticFest website at

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Crady said...

I've seen the Book of Kells! Amazing!