Thursday, September 22, 2011

I [heart] Ikea

Have you been to an Ikea store? It is just wonderful - full of European goods that are a little on the trendy side but very, very functional. It's also a very environmentally-friendly company with a foundation that supports women's rights and children's education issues around the world. Okay, enough free PR for Ikea!

My favorite parts of the store are the display areas where they'll have a 400 square foot apartment and show how it can be fully furnished with Ikea products. There are only two stores that are relatively close to us (and by relatively I mean a six hour drive) - which is probably a good thing!

So, during my stay in Atlanta, Margaret was gracious enough to take me there - and she found a few cute things for Miss Ellie along the way!

A shelf for the kitchen

Magnetic knife thingy

New pillow for the guest bed

And a few items to get ready for E Magee's visit in just a few weeks like this cute cuddly frog

Please excuse the grainy phone pictures!

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