Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy B'day to the Pooh-Duggs

Labor Day weekend marks a very special time for our little fam damily - the adoptions of Pepé and Scout! We got Pepé the Friday of Labor Day weekend in 2003 and Scout the Sunday of Labor Day weekend in 2008. Here's the low down on our pooh-duggs.

Pepé le Pew is turning EIGHT.

His story: As part of a scholarship during my sophomore year at Ole Miss, I was required to do community service. I choose to volunteer at the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society. Probably not the best idea for such an animal-lover. Let's just say I left most days crying to Doc about some sweet creature that was almost out of time. He finally (after about two weeks) told me if I agreed to volunteer somewhere else the next semester, he would adopt a dog.

I had picked out a black-and-white bird dog mix. He was beautiful. But when we got to the shelter, Doc noticed a sign above the puppies that said black dogs are the least likely to be adopted. You know where this is headed. We ended up with a black puppy who was half grown and had a tail that looked like it belonged on Splinter from the Ninga Turtles. He had been found at a trailer hiding under an old tire and the shelter workers couldn't figure out if the person who dropped him off was male or female.

I took him to Senatobia that weekend - he left dog hair ALL over the boat and Net suggested we get his tail cut off (she tends to say this about all animals). Net and Granddaddy had just taken in a little black cocker spaniel (who would turn out to be psycho) and someone made a few comparisons on how Net & Otho had ended up with the better dog. Uh! Look who's laughing now {insert evil laugh}!

We named him after Pepé le Pew the cartoon and Pepé the bartender from our trip to South America the summer before we got him. However, we pronounced it "Peppy" - only Chad still calls him Pepé!

He's the only dog I know of that can fit three tennis balls in his mouth at once! Pepé is the best, sweetest, most loyal canine and just a tad bit of a neurotic germophobe. Our best guess is he is part Lab, German Shepard, Irish Wolfhound and Mastiff. But it really doesn't matter - we like him just like he is now!

Scout the Scavenger is turning THREE.

Let's just say all our lives became more interesting when Scout entered the picture. Three years ago, Leigh Allyn, Sis and I were headed to Destin even though a hurricane was headed our way and our mothers were calling every ten minutes. Doc called and said that Pippa (our next door neighbor who runs ARF in Jackson) sure had a cute puppy, and I'd have to go look at him when I got home.

What we learned: Don't tell me to go look at a puppy if you don't mean adopt it! Well, I came home and Doc and Pepé were out-of-town dove hunting, so I decided to "babysit" the puppy for the night. I'd never stayed home alone without Pepé. Scout never went back to Pippa's.

His name came about because after just a few days it became increasingly clear that he was a Scout. He is mischievous, playful and loves to snuggle. He loves to lick flour off the kitchen floor and is very possessive of chew bones - he hides his and then steals Pepé's. The most important thing in his life is Pepé. Doc and I are secondary.

Really, who could not fall in love with these beautiful, blue eyes?

How will we celebrate? With a trip to Pet Smart at some point this weekend!

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