Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Reads Around the World Wide Web

I absolutely cannot believe that September is almost over and we're just two days from the first day of fall. What happened to the summer? The family reunion in June seems like forever ago, but, at the same time, it doesn't seem like it's time for blue jeans and football games.

Fun blog: A Cup of Jo and a great post earlier this week on Sleeping in Denmark about babies being left outside in prams while parents shopped or napped. It reminded me of Mama Jean's story of how mothers in Norway would leave their babies napping outside in their prams (all wrapped up) even in the dead of  winter. Two of MJ's children (who shall remain anonymous) may or may not have put snow around a sleeping baby and, of course, got in major trouble! There's a reason "they" always say preachers' kids are the worst!

Good article: Try out some of these recipes like Florida Johnnycake and Confederate Biscuits in this New York Times article "Food From North and South."

This weekend: Have a fun Sunday afternoon at Gluckstadt at the 25th Annual Germanfest at St. Joseph Catholic Church.

Eat a rippchenkraut and do the polka dance at the 25th Annual Germanfest hosted by St. Joseph Catholic Church in Gluckstadt. Music by the Die Mitternachters and MS Schwingen. You can also buy the new Parish Cookbook "Happy Village - Our Faith, Our Future" at the Country Store for $20.

Bring your lawn chairs and blankets, or make yourself comfortable on the nearest bale of hay. No coolers, no pets and no solicitations.

Witt, Katelyn and I had a blast last year.

Happy Hump Day Blogland!

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