Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dove Hunt from the Prospective of age 5 and 1/2

Doc always says that Labor Day is his Christmas Day - meaning that he gets to call the shots (literally) on Labor Day and I get to pick what we do on Christmas. I do believe I get the better end of that deal.

On Monday afternoon, Harper, age 5 and one-half, was getting a little restless of listening to the grown-ups talk during the dove hunt and so I handed her my camera. She is 5 1/2 and all girl (she's also quick to correct you that her age is 5 AND 1/2).

She was really cute and got some great pictures:

A self-portrait

A landscape

Maybe Mr. Ed really won't break the camera?
Harper and I decided the turkeys in Tate County probably don't like Mr. Ed.
There are quite a few turkey fans hanging out at the cabin and 99% of them had his name on the back.

Dove hunting sure makes for a hungry uncle.

A beautiful day - it was cloudy all morning and cleared up just in time for the afternoon hunt.

D sure is good sport.

Eli and Katie - just in from the field.


Nana and D

D's tractor

Photographer assistant and potato chip fetcher

Say cheese :)

For the hunt (or for those of us who watch the hunt and eat all afternoon) I made: Red Pepper Crackers and Tiger Bean Salsa. Both recipes can be found on the Sideboards page. 

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