Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cooking School at Table 100

DeeDee and I went to a cooking and wine tasting class at Table 100 in Flowood tonight. It was so fun. Okay, anytime anyone serves me four glasses of wine, I will more than likely have a good time, but this would have been just as fun with just the cooking part of the class!

We began with Chief Mike, from Germany, demonstrating how to cook pan seared Scottish salmon with buttered asparagus and lemon risotto. After he finished, we were all given a plate of the dish - I did not expect that! It was fabulous!

Then the sommelier (he called it the "s" word) came out and gave us a very informative 411 on chardonnay including wines from France (white burgundy), Australia, Washington State and Napa Valley.

As the night went on, the crowd got louder and louder. I wonder why? And someone (not me, Oliver!) started asking questions about wines like Two Buck Chuck. According to Mike, the wine expert, Two Buck Chuck (sold at Trader Joe's for $2 a bottle) is the result of a surplus of non-acceptable grapes that a producer had to do something with. He found that people, especially Americans, were willing to buy it. He also informed us that Jackson, Mississippi is the last city in America that still drinks Kendall-Jackson (apparently a winery mistake). I decided not to pipe up and say that I previously believed Kendall-Jackson was good wine.

At this point someone (again, not me!) shouted out that Mississippians were not wine connoisseurs because all we really wanted to drink was scotch.

Wines from left: Wishing Tree - W. Australia ($12.59), Louis Latour, Macon-Villages Beaune - Cote d'Or (France) ($14.99), 14 Hands - Washington State ($12.29), and Jordan - Russian River, California ($30.49).

I think I totally embarrassed DeeDee with my note-taking and picture-taking during the class. She did stop me from pointing out a grammar error on the business card of the man sitting next to us (I really think he'd want to know).

This was just Chapter 2 and I believe the classes happen ever first Wednesday evening of the month. Check out their website to get on the mailing list:

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Elizabeth said...

I want to go next time! I promise to allow you to point out any grammar errors to anyone within earshot