Friday, September 23, 2011

Clothing Swap

My friend Andrea throws an annual "Clothing Swap" during a Wine & Cheese party each fall. She's a master at organizing parties and her's almost always have a fun theme.

Last year at the clothing swap, I got a little carried away and came home with just as much (or more than) I contributed. This year, I was much picker in the things I let come back home - I've worked too hard cleaning out closests to junk them up with crap!

Here's my loot from the night:

A long sleeve tee, one short sleeve tee, long button down shirt, t-shirt and two turtle dove throw pillow. I took about three skirks, two sweaters, one dress and some pants. We also bring home goods and husband clothes (but those don't really go in the choosing rounds).

So, here's how Andrea organized it:

We all took our contributions to her house before the party. The items were divided up into categories and placed in different rooms (skirts/pants/shorts, shirts/dresses/sweaters/home stuff/husband). Then we drew numbers to see what order to choose an item. Number 1 chose an item, then No. 2, then No. get the picture. At some point it makes since just to stop choosing and let everyone just divide up what's left.

The unchosen items were taken to We Will Go Ministries in Jackson. It's a ministry that reaches out to homeless people, especially to men, and they are now taking shoes, coats, blankets and sleeping bags to help Jackson's homeless get ready for the winter. E-mail me at if you'd like to donate any items to the store - it's open twice a week on North Congress Street and shoppers can pick out three items (two pants, one shirt or two shirts and one pair of pants) plus shoes, socks, etc.

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