Friday, September 16, 2011

Chopped up in Midtown

The other night Brooks, Priscilla and I had the MOST amazing meal any of us has ever eaten at South City Kitchen in Atlanta's Midtown.

We might be a little biased because the sous chef, Jeffrey Gardner, is a Millsaps alum.

Oh, you recognize that name?
Well, that's because he was featured on the Food Network's "Chopped" in February.
That's it!
Yes, well, he is awesome and nice. And really fun. And made me like pork cheeks.
The actually cheek of the pig?
Yep, Jeffrey belives you should use the whole animal. He also makes Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream that tastes like Christmas.
It tastes just like Christmas. Imagine Christmas in your mouth cold and spicy and fun all at the same time.

It just so happens that "Cheffrey" as he's known in Midtown, graduated from Millsaps in 2006. He figured out he had a flare for cooking after he made an amazing meal for Brooks and one of her friends on two hot plates in the KA house. He then graduated, went to chef school in North Carolina and is about to move to the newest restaurant of the SCK family in downtown Atlanta.

He's been in "dessertland" all week working on a new dessert menu for a sister restaurant. I volunteered my services to help in the tasting (citing my extensive experience as an award-winner dairy tester in 4-H). Apparently, they're good in that department - there's a man who makes a killing with his golden spoon and his taste buds insured for a million dollars. His taste buds! I'm going to have to look into this as a potential career.

So, here's what we ate. All the appetizers were Jeffery's creations. We each ordered one and shared and all ended up liking someone else's better than our own:


GREEN EGGS & HAM farm egg, cheddar polenta grits seared pork belly, chimichurri $10

BRAISED PORK CHEEKS baked field peas, green tomato chow-chow $11

And somehow I missed a picture of the

MUSHROOM GRITS TOAST roasted oyster and shitake mushrooms, farm egg $12

Our meals

SHRIMP & GRITS poblanos, tasso ham, smoked tomato gravy $19

BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN garlic collards, bliss potatoes, honey-thyme jus $17

GEORGIA MOUNTAIN TROUT onion soubise, corn and okra salad, Benton’s ham $22

Our desserts

We rolled out of Midtown. Literally, we could hardly walk we were so full. The parking garage attendant (who had previously laughed at us pulling our suitcases out of the truck and freshening up before we left the garage) laughed at how slow we were walking. I think we will be the subject of his conversation for the next month. Until the next group of Mississippians come in with no cash and slightly delirious from almost being creamed by a BMW in the parking lot behind the restaurant.

Pecan Pie

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream

Jeffrey was featured in our last Millsaps Magazine. You can read the story here:


May said...

South City Kitchen was one of my favorite restuarants in Atlanta. I miss the food in Atlanta. I hope you are having a great trip!

Coffeemate2 said...

The greatest time ever and Jeffrey was such a wonderful host to us Mississippi girls! Great trip!