Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Grew Up in Tate County If You Remember

Someone (I guess from Tate County) has started a Facebook group called "You grew up in Tate County if you remember when..." I won't report how much time I've spent going through it! It's fun to see all the places and traditions (like "kicking the loop" between Sonic and McDonalds) talked about by different generations. Here are some of my favorites. I took out the names but didn't change anything else...quite a few typos people. Ms. Haynes would not approve!

The most popular people in recent history:
Ralph Smith, beloved Senatobia policeman; Dr. Ethlyn Smith, 5th generation family doctor (no relation to Ralph) who has taught hundreds of kids how to water ski at Lake Sardis; and Ms. Maxie, owner of Tobie Town Twin Cinema, basically the only entertainment in town. The Tobie Cinemas used to have a yellow cat named. Can you guess? Tobie.

You prayed that if you got stopped by the cops it was Ralph Smith..

If you got pulled over by Mr. Ralph, but was let go with a warning!

I worked at Mr Gabberts station, and used to drive over and pick up Dr. Smith's tan little bronco, and wash it. It HAD to be done RIGHT... she AND mr. gabbert were sticklers for it being done right.
--- And she still drives that Bronco!
--- Seriously???
--- no way... I'm 44, and I remember her being an older lady then. She must be getting rewarded for all the doctoring she did at the prices... that helped SOOO many people
When you could go see Dr. Evelyn upstairs on Main Street for $5. No receptionist...everyone would just wait their turn.

Getting a $2 excuse from Dr. Ethel!!

If you remember Ms. Maxie yelling at us kids to shut up or she was gonna turn the movie off at the Tobie!

Favorite places:

Who remembers the other pizza shop that was across the street from Pizza Hut, where Shell is now? What was the name of that Pizza place? (Avelino's)

Sewell's Grocery Store...Mrs. Sewell making the pimento cheese sandwiches, and Mr. Jack (the Mayor of Newtown) there to tell ya a story!
I remember a grocery store on main street that had the best butcher shop! It was close to Baddour's Bargain Center (now Fred's) which always had a sign that said...."Closed on Sundays because the day is worth more than the dollar!"
when Kaye's used to be Sunflower!

Issues with being a dry county:

if you knew what "I'm going south" or "going to Berryhill" ment.
---Especially is that was how you were taught North, South (to Como), East, West...

Okay, I'll stop it here but it goes on and on. I guess living away from your hometown makes you miss talking to people who have the same past experiences, even it was at a different time. The whole social media culture certainly has some negative aspects, but all-in-all I've really enjoyed re-connecting or making new connections with people from home and college. It really makes you realize that we are only about 2 degrees seperated (at least in Mississippi) and not six.

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annabclark said...

I have spent a good bit of time reading over them too. Fun! (but I still live here:)