Sunday, August 7, 2011

Volunteer Landing

We are heading out this weekend for a few days at one of our favorite places - Fort Morgan, Alabama. It's a couple of miles out from Gulf Shores and the beaches are beautiful! And the little house we rent, Volunteer Landing, is just perfect for two dogs and their pets. 

Doc and I first went to Gulf Coast together nine years ago - I begged Mom and Dad to let him come on our family vacation. While he is not naturally a "beach person," he's coming around to the idea of doing nothing but reading, walking, napping under a tent and eating lots of shrimp.

At Souvenir City in 2007 - taking the required picture in the shark's mouth. Isn't he a good sport?

The same trip in 2007 with Becca & Bryan - celebrating the end of our time in Oxford. We camped at the Gulf Shores State Park. In tents. And saw an alligator swim by in the bay behind us. That's how determined Bec and I were for a beach vacation. We were willing to sleep with gators.

Last summer, Mom and Dad took all of us to Fort Morgan - as you can see, we got lots of sun and had a lots of fun. Sis & O announced they were expecting. It was Laura's first Givens family vacation and she still married Thomas! We left a little early to come back for med school orientation. It's amazing how much can change in a year!

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