Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Sweet Neighbor

Miriam's paintings - of the Mississippi we know and love - reflect all the enthusiasm and delight we find in her own dazzling smile, and her unmistakable "voice" sings from every brushstoke.

If you're fortunate enough to own even one Miriam Weems painting, your home and your heart will be forever gladdened by it. If you're also lucky enough to call her a friend - you're lucky enough.
                                              Jill Conner Browne, forward to Mostly Mississippi

Today I'm so saddened to learn that my sweet neighbor, Miriam Weems, passed away suddenly yesterday. Mrs. Weems reached out and welcomed Doc and I when we moved in across the street from her art studio and I've enjoyed getting to know her (and her precious little dog) in driveway chats - our main subjects being rescue dogs, Oxford and wine!

She has so inspired me to not be afraid to use your talents and go after your dreams. Her studio - a darling grey bungalow with a bright pink door and trim - has a big picture window and she's usually standing in front of a large easel painting in the late afternoons.

She will be greatly missed by her friends in Belhaven and beyond and will be remembered as a Southern lady who lead a well-lived life full of kindness and gentleness.

Photos are taken from her Mostly Mississippi coffee table book. She was kind enough to give both Sis and me autographed copies when Sis came to Jackson to take the bar exam a few years ago. I'm sure Miriam didn't realize how much we both loved our visit to her studio on what had been a very stressful afternoon!

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