Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old House Depot

I spent some time Saturday morning wandering around my absolute favorite store in Jackson - Old House Depot. It's an architectural salvage warehouse and chalk full of stuff - old stuff, not so old stuff, really old stuff, from all over.

The owner, Jim, is so helpful and has a cat named Moe. He's great to suggest ways you could use old things in new ways. He also doesn't seem to mind if you pester him with questions and then don't buy anything:) I'm on a unvoluntarily spending freeze. It's really not much fun.

50 Liter Bemi John Bottle, circa 1920:

 Antique Backpack - used to pick wine grapes $185 - someone feel free to get me this for Christmas...

1960s Coke machine - I'm pretty sure there is still one of these in the Tate County 4-H building:

European Baby Bath Tub:

I love old windows - I have one from here above the piano in our living room but people do so many creative things with them.

Fun yard ornaments...

These doors. They remind me of Tara. My dream home will definitely have HUGE front doors that are very old. These were just $2,500. Doc and my mother just cringed at the words "just $2,500." I seriously have no clue what giant, Tara-type doors should cost, but that sounds good. 

Curved railings...

There's something romantic about lanterns...

My dream home also includes glass doorknobs on all doors.

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