Thursday, August 25, 2011

Memories from 4-H

This afternoon I got a sweet e-mail from Ms. Nancy over at Nonni's Blog. She and my dad were good friends growing up in Senatobia and Sis and I were good friends with her daughters through 4-H and horse shows and all that other fun stuff you get to do when you grow up in a small town. Olivia and Doc were in the same class and close friends - so funny that Olivia knew both of us but we really didn't know each other!

I absolutely LOVED getting to spend time at the Patterson's house. She would always host the 4-H Young Riders group and Olivia and Haley had the best horses, outfits and equipment of anyone in 4-H. I always got the that feeling, like most kids (including me), they didn't really know how good they had it! We all did Tate County Saddle Club horse shows every Saturday night and the only first place ribbon I ever got was when I got to ride Haley's horse, Claude, in Western Pleasure. I still have it.

She asked me in her e-mail, if I would do all that over again and what life lessons I learned. Well, there are too many life lessons count and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I'm sure it was much less fun for all the adults involved, but for me it was pure fun. I loved every second of it. I learned about interacting with different types of people and making do with what you have. Even if you don't win first place (or at all!) you can still have a fun time.

I love these photos she sent:

1995 Tate County 4-H Young Riders - I wish I could name everybody but I can't. On the top row: Anna Murphree, Hayley Patterson, Amanda Giddens, Denee Crockett, Allison Hardy, Tabitha Nelson, Melissa Giddens, and Hannah. On the bottom row is: Leah Crockett, Olivia (with Moe), me and Sis (with Trixie).

Olivia and I thought we were big stuff when this picture was taken by a photographer from the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal in June 1997. I love how Pete is posing for the camera - he does this anytime someone points a camera at him. Such a ham. Check out those pink Wrangler jeans. Classy.

At this camp, each camper was given two stalls - one for your horse, one for you. Or you could sleep in the arena, if you didn't have a trailer with a bed and A/C in it. Our trailer barely made it to Verona. Needless to say, there was no bed. There were hardly floorboards. The year after this summer, Sis and Bookie came to camp with me and Pete. Sis spent the whole week hiding in the barn from the instructors because she was hot and bribed boys to muck out her stall. I think she was waiting on the highway when Dad finally came to pick us up at the end of the week. Thanks Ms. Nancy - and everyone else - who worked so hard to make sure we had such wonderful opportunities to create life-long memories!

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