Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hump Day Web Round Up & First Giveaway

Here's some interesting findings from around the World Wide Web to get your Hump Day off to a good start. And as my mother would say,
Have a good and godly day,
for what good is a good day,
if it is not also a godly day?

Doc loves it when I shout that out the back gate at him on his way to class. He starts peddling faster and faster when he hears the screen door bang behind me. It's hard to catch him in my ratty pink floral robe and red Chinese silk slippers but I do my best to make sure he hears me.

A great article from the Poynter Institute on Why Journalists Don't Always Make the Best PR Pros. For those of you, including my husband, who wonder what I "do" all day, this may give you some idea.

I foresee cheese making as a future hobby of mine. This is going on my Christmas list!

This family is so funny! And they all contribute to the Fancy House Road blog.

GIVEAWAY: And for the first-ever giveaway on White House Red Roof - a signed hardback copy of The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  To enter, leave a comment answering on of these two questions "What did you love (or not love) about The Help (movie or book)?" OR "What was the last book you read?"

The Rules:
One entry per person, please.
A winner will be selected randomly and announced Friday morning.
No entries after midnight on Thursday. 

Sponsored by me, myself and I. Kathryn Stockett has no idea who I am (although I did meet her when she came to Millsaps right after the book was published!). I bought the book at Jackson's wonderful independent bookstore, Lemuria, so if you're bummed about not winning, it looked like they had several autographed hardbacks and paperbacks.


About Me said...

The last book I read was The Help! It is my favorite book I have ever read! I loved te fact that I read the book while living in Jackson. I was really able to visualize the places and the characters. The way the characters were introduced in the book made them come to life! I loved when the toilets were put in hilly's yard! I also loved the bond between Skeeter and Aibileen. I love how the trust was formed between them and how it carried out throughout the book.

I can't wait for the movie to come to the UK. I have urged all my British friends to read it.

Love the blog!!
Kate Downey

margaret said...

My heart aches when Aibleen tells Mae Mobley, "You is smart, you is kind, you is important."

Can't wait to see the movie - hope it lives up to the book!

Michelle Adair said...

The Help was the last book I've read in a really long time. I have a 3 year old and barely have time to read text messages that I get from friends but I heard so much about this book and decided to MAKE the time (every night for a week after I put my daughter to bed). I borrowed the book so it would be nice to have my own copy. :)
I work in the most diverse Memphis City School (so I have a bit of experience with race issues) and have grown up in the South. My parents were raised during the time of the book and I always wondered what it was like and why sometimes their view of race issues is different (at times VERY different)than mine. So~having said all that, I believe this book gives a REAL insight into the way different people experienced the same situations. I love that! I love that I was able to get some idea of how it was at the time and how it was for people who are different than me. Amazing!!! The book was truly amazing! I wish everyone would take the time to read it! I am going to see the movie this weekend with girls from my Sunday School class!! So excited!
BTW~I am friends with your "sis." I found your blog through hers and have been "stalking" it for quite a while now. :)

Nonni's Blog said...

In your own hometown of Senatobia, I sat in the Tobie surrounded by people (primarily women) of all ages and races. We all laughed at the same scenes and all cried together. The Help has brought a sense of unity to small towns across the South, and hopefully the nation.
Nancy Patterson

Edi McIlwain said...

I love that I watched the movie being filmed in my hometown. I took my girls (4 months and 20 months at the time)to the filming sights several days in a row in the 100 degree Mississippi Delta heat to watch this cool event taking place in our boring little town.

I still haven't seen it, but am hoping to go this weekend. I hope it is as good as the book...

Jennifer Eastland said...

I LOVED the book AND the movie. They really did a good job keeping the movie really close to book. You will laugh, cry and laugh again. The friendships are so powerful and endearing. It was also cool that I was able to witness them filming the movie here in Greenwood last summer. And my mom, sister and myself all appear in the movie (in different scenes) so it was so neat to be able to be a part of something like be able to read a book and enjoy it so much and then witness and take part in it "coming to life" was a surreal experience. (and getting to meet the actresses and actors was an added bonus, too ;)

Becca said...

I think The Help really was the last book I read. And, I am pretty sure that was right after Martin was born. Guess I need to get busy finding my next read! I would LOVE to win this. This is a great book to pass on to a friend to read--and since mine is on my Nook, that isn't really possible. What a great giveaway K!!

Sara Martin said...

I believe the last book I raed was , Sarah's First Day of School. Not a big seller, but very appropriate for me and my life. Cannot wait to see The Help and love each of your blogs.

Coffeemate2 said...

The last book that I read was Water for Elephants. Getting ready to read The Help. Being from Mississippi, I can't wait to read it.

About Us said...

Well I loved that the little addition to the book the movie added with Skeeter's mom....won't say anymore because I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone!

Kantress said...

The last book I read was Cinch! I read The Help probably six months ago and I really enjoyed it. I loved that the setting takes place in the South and that Skeeter was a risk taker. I have not seen the movie but I hear that it is that must see movie of the summer. Thanks to Becca for letting me know about this blog and the contest:)

Crady said...

Here was my one issue with the book/movie: my grandmother had a maid that basically raised my mother. My grandmother and Woody were best friends. They watched their soaps together, ate together, and shared everything. This type of relationship between maid and employer was largely ignored.

Margaret said...

I loved the book and have yet to see the movie. (I hope to see it this weekend).

The last book I read was "What I Did for Love" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and I just started Fanny J. Crosby's autobiography.

Cindy Benton said...

I am reading "The Help" now. I'm a second grade teacher and since it's the beginning of school I've had to put it on hold for a little while. Maybe I'll finish it this weekend. I'd love to see the movie with my wonderful daughter in law Becca Benton.

Anonymous said...

Two friends had recommended The Help to me awhile back. I read it before Christmas and so did my son. We both loved it and both really identified with Skeeter's character. He commented to me that he identified with people always wondering why she had to be different. Sometimes taking our own road is hard and I thought the author did a great job of portraying Skeeter's character.
Kathy Bentley (Becca's aunt :) )

jillemersonbell said...

Kara, You are such a good blogger :) Love reading it! The last book I read was Loving the Litle Years by Rachel Jonkovic. Fantastic read!!! If you know any moms with toddlers, send this short, funny, inspiring book! Hope to see you soon, Kara!

Analee said...

I haven't read the Help, so this would be a perfect win for me. You can thank Becca for the mass email she sent out to get me to do this ;) Either way I am going to read it, but this would be way better than the Kindle version.