Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Belgique European Antiques

This weekend Laura mentioned to me that she was going to a furniture warehouse sale to look at a table. She did not mention it was a furniture warehouse full of European antiques. Oh my! I thought I knew of every "good deal" type place in Jackson, but I've been missing this for the past four years? (Apparently, according to Doc, not knowing about the place doesn't mean that I have four years worth of buying to catch up on). I'm ready for someone to get so engrossed in med school that he forgets to look at the bank statement.

It's owned by two couples who all met at Millsaps (yay for Millsaps!). They started the business about seven years ago and go to Europe three times a year, buy a bunch of antiques and have them shipped back. The warehouse is open once a month and has over 7,000 square feet of antique and vintage furniture, paintings, mirrors and accessories. Their European operations are based in Belgium, but they have things from Holland, France, Spain, Italy and beyond.

I'm sure what's considered "old" to us is the equivalent of us buying something from the 80s in Europe. Over across the pond, something that is 100 years old really isn't that big of a deal when the New Town section of Prague was built in 1348. That's old. (Thanks Mama Jean for that random bit of knowledge!)

So what did I buy? All the above? Of course not! I did buy this beautiful handmade 1920s oriental rug from Belgium. It was originally $249 but was on sale for 20% off. Isn't it divine? I've been looking for one for a few years and have never found the right colors, size and, most importantly, price.

Now how in the world, in case you're wondering, am I going to keep my precious puppy dogs off my new rug? It's been easy so far, just takes a little creative thinking. Enter, the evil vacuum cleaner (to them, this is like the basement furnace to Kevin in Home Alone).

I have it guarding the rug and can reach the power button with my toe from the sofa. It scares the bejezzes out of them. Yesterday, when I came home for lunch, Pepe was sprawled out in the middle of the rug, snoozing away and didn't hear me come in. I grabbed the hose attachment, pointed it at his butt and turned the thing on. He jumped three feet from a dead sleep. He hasn't been near it since.

Scout's not too sure about laying this close to the evil vacuum cleaner. He moved shortly after this picture was taken.

Belgique is open once a month - friend them on Facebook for notices of their next sale date: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Belgique-Inc/120146924688153. Happy hunting!


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Becca said...

The rug looks amazing right there!! Glad you finally found something you love for that spot, and at a great price!!

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