Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Beach – as told by Pepè and Scout

1. Just look at frogs – don’t try to catch them in your mouth. They'll pee in your mouth and the nasty taste will stick around for a lot longer than the frog (their skin isn’t as tough as it looks). It's much more fun to chase sandcrabs at night than frogs.

2. Don’t entice teenage girls to pet you by acting cute with your tennis ball. They won’t think it’s so cute when you back your rear-end into their laps for a good butt scratchin’.

3. Waves are funny things and have some sort of magical pull on tennis balls. It lands in one spot and not two seconds later can be in a completely different place. It’s better to swim with the waves than to try and jump over them – which usually results in a mouthful of sea water (see #6).

4. Little kids are annoying. They just want to take your ball, yell at you to sit and then do a crappy job throwing the ball.

5. Rolling the ball in sand will not get any of the sand off. In fact, it just adds more. But it's still worth trying every time it lands in the sand.

6. Sand up your nose makes you sneeze (and salt water gives you the runs).

7. And FYI, pooping in the ocean is a big NO-NO. (We won’t embarrass our humans by revealing the words they used to yell at us. Let’s just say that a good “NO” gets the point across; no need to be excessively mean).

8. Crabs are tasty, but watch out for their claws. They pinch like the devil!

9. New cars are nice, but no fun if you aren’t allowed to jump up and down and slobber all over the windows.

10. Don’t sniff or step on the clear, squishy things known as jellyfish. They’re big fuddy-duddys and don't like to play. Think stinging strawberry jelly.

And the funniest part of all is stealing the ball from Pepè - even if he does just snatch it right back with his big ole canine teeth. Scout

Over and out!


Becca said...

Love it!!! Wish we could be there with y'all!

Kara Givens Paulk said...

Bec, We talked about our trip with ya'll all week long. Maybe next year we can overlap!