Saturday, August 13, 2011

B'day Fun

I realized last night that I never wrote about my birthday a few weeks ago! Now I'd say one of the only downsides of being a twin is that you don't have your own birthday celebration and people tend to lump you together as one person instead of two. This was not an issue with family or close friends -- we always had two cakes, sang Happy Birthday two times, and usually got separate birthday presents (except for our 16th when we got a car and that was, of course, way better than any two individual gifts).

All this to say, I always figured that when I "grew up" I'd have my own birthday. Nope. Doc's birthday is two days before mine and so I'm destined to share birthday celebrations with the people I love most for the rest of my life.

This year, though, thanks to my sweet friend DeeDee, I got my own little dinner party (even though she did have a camo b'day balloon for Doc - but I'm thinking of that as his party favor!). She even made my favorite cake - chocolate cake with chocolate icing! This was especially touching since neither my mother  nor my husband scored any points in the baking department on that day. I'm, obviously, not in the least upset about that.

In our family we have a tradition of seeing who can find the funniest birthday card. The meaner the better. Not natsy or dirty--just the slapstick funny variety. I'm pretty proud of the one I found for Sis from the Ebony line at Target that had some really funny "Sista" lines. But I think Laura and Thomas win the award for best birthday card. Here's the front:

I'm really hoping this isn't a comment on my dancing skills displayed at their wedding! On the inside it says, "It's your birthday. Please dance responsibly."

And this is the back:

And my very thoughtful gift from Doc was a Lodge Enamel Dutch Oven. I've been wanting one since Christmas! I've christened it "Big Bleu" and made Poppy's Cheese Grits in it last night for supper.

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