Thursday, July 28, 2011

Witt's Baseball Game

If anyone out there in blogland has noticed an improvement in my photos this week it's because my office got a new amazing camera and I'm learning how to use it. I went to Witt's baseball game earlier this week and got these shots. I give all credit to the great camera - it's a Cannon EOS 7D and has lots of big lenses - and probably costs more than anything I own. But I don't think I'm ever going to be able to go back to my old point-and-shoot Coolpix. It's like buying really good frozen pizza, once you have the good stuff you can't go back to the .89 cent store brand.

Keeping his eye on the ball!

Ready for anything!

Katelyn entertaining herself - I've always wondered how people got those great mid-air shots. Now I know. Remember those public service announcments on NBC that came on during Saturday morning cartoons that ended with the little rainbow and "The more you know." That's what I feel like with this new camera.

 Running to check out her picture on the camera. It's amazing to think she will never put a roll of film in a camera or try to keep up with negatives for reprints!

Great hit Witt!

I love this kid and can't believe he is going to be in Kindergarten this year! 

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