Sunday, July 17, 2011


It's hard for me to believe we've now been in our house for four years. I can now officially say I have the whole old-house-with-lots-of-character thing out of my system. At least for awhile. 

When we moved in in July 2008, our house was celebrating it's 80th birthday. Awh. What that really means is there was (and still is) a lot of work to do. We spent so much time in Lowe's I literally got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach just by walking in the door of the store. I avoided it like the plague for months.

But, I'm so glad we went ahead and did as much work as we did that summer. We never would have gotten  it done during pharmacy school (much less med school) and I think I've gotten lazier since then! We started with the two rooms we knew we'd use the most, the kitchen and sunroom/study. These are also the two rooms you see as you walk in the back door.

Step one was painting and replacing the flooring in the study/sunroom. The carpet was in bad shape and the whole idea of what grows in carpet really disturbs me so I was very glad to see it go! Underneath was a concrete floor that looked like it had been painted yellow, green, red and blue at different points in its lifetime. We would have kept it except there was a huge crack running through the middle of the floor.

After spreading out some stuff that leveled the floor, we put down faux hardwood floors. Mom and Dad came to help us lay the floor and we were so glad for their expertise, because we would not have had such a good end result without them!


Looking towards the kitchen. At one point in its past, I believe this was a screened porch. Our neighbors have told us that a doctor lived in the house and used this room as his office--thus the outside door and built in bench.


The Kitchen


We began by replacing the laminet floor with tile. Of course, we had NO idea how to do this, but with a little help from Chad and Kristen and a how-to book from Lowe's we began.

As with all our projects, it ended up taking three times as long and costing three times as much as we had planned. I bought the tile on clearance at Lowe's before we moved into the house--thankfully we had enough and even had a few pieces left over. We rented a tile saw and only messed up in a few places--and as long as we always have a refridgerator it will be okay!

The doors for the built-in cabinets were actually in the workshop behind the house. We replaced some of the broken glass and sanded and then repainted them to match the cabinets.

Last March, Mom and I repainted the sunroom and kitchen a light gray and added light green as the background color for the backsplash and behind the shelves.


As a disclaimer, my house is not this clean. Sis is the obsessively neat one in the family. All the crap that was sitting on the counter is nicely stashed out of view on the dining room table.

For the rest of the house, we mainly changed paint colors to our preferences. The guest bedroom had the cutest wide pale pink vertical strips, but we decided to paint over that so as not to jinx us from having a girl (because if you have the perfect girl's room you are almost certain to have a boy, right?). We painted below the chair rail in the dining room a chocolate brown. And in the master bath we put down slate-looking flooring and painted the mustard-color tile a bright white.


john wilson said...

Beautiful transformation! It's a beautiful home!

Kara Givens Paulk said...

Thanks John! Can't wait to see ya'll soon!