Saturday, July 9, 2011

Queen Net Visits Jackson

My grandmother, Net, is visiting this weekend and I really wanted to prepare something a little fancy-smancy for our supper on Friday night. Plus, Laura and Thomas were coming over to eat and they are both such good cooks and appreciate good food. Sis suggested that I do what Giada is doing for the Royals that the Today Show has been talking about non-stop. Sorry you weren't here to enjoy your good idea Sis!

We changed it up a little bit and didn't do her vegetable lasagnas, and instead had filet mignon that Net brought from Kaye's in Senatobia. We did do the blisterd tomatoes and roasted asparagus from the lasagna recipe and they turned out fabulous. The recipes can be found at, but we made a few changes:

For the pea pesto crostini, we added a few drops of Tabassco (I believe Net adds Tabassco to everything).

For the beef tenderloin crostini with basil-curry mayonnaise, I didn't top them with beef and couldn't find mascarpone cheese and so subsitited cream cheese mixed with melted butter. I accidently bought hot Madras curry powder and so only used 1/2 teaspoon, and I used Spanish style paprika instead of smoked because that's what I had.

My favorite though was the tarragon and merlot truffles. Why have I never combined chocolate and wine before? Mine aren't as pretty as Giada's, but they were delicious!

Laura and I both had on nautical-inspired dresses and so we took a picture to document. Great minds think alike!

The meal, overall, was much easier to prepare than I imagined and besides the spices and mascarphone cheese, the indgredients weren't that expensive. I think William and Kate will be royally pleased.

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