Sunday, July 24, 2011

Memphis Farmers Market

Ivy took me to the Memphis Farmers Market on South Main on Saturday morning. I was blown away by how wonderful it was! And Ivy knew every single one of the vendors. She's been working for a farm in Senatobia this summer picking and selling Japanese sweet corn (it was developed as a dessert corn to in the 1990s in Japan) and it's absolutely the best corn I've ever tasted. Next year I'm going to be on my game and stock my freezer!

What I bought: black angus T-bones, ground beef, and short ribs from Neola Farms in Tipton County that have been aged 21 days; a pound of sausage; a dozen eggs; and some roasted red pepper hummas from the lady who owns the 20/20 Diner (she was a trip and we discussed how we had improved Giada's green pea pesto recipe--she added crushed red peppers and I added Tabasco!). There were also lots of fresh fruits, veggies and flowers but I was limited to things that could home in my cooler. 

It was so fun to see Ivy "in her element" as Net would say. Ivy and I decided that farmers market people are like horse people, in general, they're just nice folks.

Afterwards, we went to visit this cute little thing - look at her gripping that bottle! She gave us the biggest smiles I have ever seen!

Sis, Ivy and I had lunch at Cheffies Cafe that's in their neighborhood. I had an amazing tuscon chicken pressed sandwich and pomegranate green tea. Then we hit up Whole Foods where I, impressively, didn't wreck my grocery budget for the week! Yay for me! We spent the afternoon floating to lala land in the pool and visiting with Net and Aunt Renie.

Mama Jean and Papa Carrel are also here and we had a wonderful supper that Mom, MJ, and Laura cooked - shrimp casserole, salad and corn bread.

And just because this is probably the only picture that exists of Net's mean-as-hell cat:

Look at that glare! I was afraid she was about to attack my iPhone. Net and Jan have a mutual agreement to ignore one another as much as possible. West named her Jan when she showed up a few years ago. As-in the first half of Net's name, Janet. We are really original with our pet names in this family!

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