Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Do Declare

My dear womb-to-tomb friend Elise (who you may remember from our fabulous weekend in December) surprised everyone the other day by posting that she was married on Facebook.


My first thought was that this was some social experiment for a class and she was measuring the reactions and responses. So I sent her a text.

Me: Just saw fb did you really get married?
Elise: YES!! Are u dying?
Me: OMG. Yes dying!
Elise: Met him in the MBA program 7 weeks ago. Broke it off with [boyfriend] and knew IMMEDIATELY Stan was "the one."

Then I called her. She answered laughing. She is so, so happy and that makes me so, so happy for her (and Mr. Stacey!). When you know, you know. Both sets of my grandparents and my parents met and married within six months, and they have all enjoyed long, happy marriages. If we'd been a little older (and not in high school) when we began dating, I'm sure Doc and I would have married within six months.

So in honor of this very joyous union, I've composed a few facts about my dear friend that Mr. Stacey may not yet know about his blushing bride. 

1. She may now be into running, but Elise's first athletic talents were displayed on the diamond behind the Senatobia FBC as the star pitcher, and probably the only pitcher, for the Mighty Methodists softball team. She really loves to hear “We want a pitcher not a glass of water.” I won’t reveal how old I was before I “got” what my dad - our coach - meant by that.

2. As founder/president of The Cleanup Club of Senatobia she wrote our pledge of service (that sounds suspiciously like the Pledge of Allegiance) and led our fundraising efforts (consisting of selling cookies to Mrs. Frances Perkins) to buy office supplies at Northwest Office Supply Store. Really, we were way ahead of our time in taking care of the environment and being green.

3. Somewhere in her parents’ house are VHS tapes of the plays that Elise made-up, directed, and starred in with Sis and me acting out supporting roles. I guess this is what we did when it was too cold or rainy and we couldn't live in the swimming pool with our my little ponies. Our rendition of the Three Little Pigs was particularly impressive to our audience (i.e. her mama and daddy).

Best wishes to the happy couple!

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