Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hurrah for the Red, White & Blue

Our long weekend was the perfect way to mark the half-way point of summer. We had a cookout Friday night at our house with DeeDee and John Eric and made pepper nachos again but with red peppers this time (more patriotic) and grilled corn on the cob. Ryan made us homemade ice cream for dessert and it was so, so good.

Saturday we had a fun day going to the farmer's market, eating lunch at Sweet Peppers and shopping at the Renaissance, and then going to see Bridesmaids (not recommended unless you think gross/raunchy = funny). That evening we went with Chad, Kristen, Witt, and Katelyn to the Hot Air Ballon Glow in Canton. It was really neat and the first time I've ever seen a hot air balloon up close.

It was really interesting to see the process of getting a balloon in the air. It took a team of about four people maybe 10 minutes to get one up and going.

 Witt and Katelyn loved it!

And he's off! How does one get into ballooning? Well, according to one of the balloonists (is that a word?) that Kristen and I talked to you start by going to something like this, then offer to help a guy take down his balloon, and then before you know it you've bought a balloon! A good used one costs about $3,000. A great piece of random knowledge.

This guy was selling lemonade to earn money for his freshman year at Ole Miss. Chad told him he'd need to sell a lot of lemonade!

These were the speciality balloons--they never took off but were fun to watch--a space ship, humpty dumpty, and jack-in-the-box. When humpty dumpty was being deflated Katelyn said, "Humpty Dumpty fell down!"

At dusk the balloon glow started and then there were fireworks.

The next day we headed to Senatobia for a cookout at Net's. Scout and Pepe enjoyed the car ride as always.

Scout's favorite part about a car ride is that Pepe lets him snuggle up--at home Pepe will walk away whenever Scout tries to lay down within two feet of him. It really hurts his little feelings...

Some prefer the shade but Elizabeth Magee preferred the pool!

 Decked out in the stars and stripes!

 This is Baby Sean with his mom, Suzanna. He was quite the jumper!

EM in her bumble bee floaty from fun Uncle Ryan. Maybe next year.

On our way out of town we picked blue berries at Powell's. Very yummy!

Monday afternoon we headed to the pool with DeeDee and John Eric. It was a little overcast but a great way to end the weekend!

After the pool, it was time to head to Kroger and prepare for the real world! I start my next-to-last master's class at MC on Tuesday morning. In other news, Sandy the Jeep has been SOLD (yea!) and Tobie the Tahoo is on loan from my dad.

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Becca said...

Loved the pictures of the balloons. SO PRETTY! And, that little Elizabeth Magee is a doll. Glad y'all had a great fourth! And, so glad you are back from your blogger hiatus!