Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday West

My youngest cousin on my Givens side turns 14 today! The same age I turned about four hours after he was born! That kinda makes me feel old because it doesn't seem like that long ago. A few of my favorite West memories:

- While we were all in the hospital waiting for him to arrive, Sis, Warren, Ivy and I would buy one gummy bear at a time from the cafeteria. They were not very happy with us by the time we ran out of money. Granddaddy had forgotten his wallet and on the way back to Senatobia we stopped at the Taco Bell in Southaven and all split one soft taco!

- The day he came home from the hospital Net and Granddaddy had taken Sis, Thomas and I to Lake Sardis to ski with Dr. E and her crew. Granddaddy was in a hurry (which was very unusual) for us to get back to town because West would be coming home. I guess he had driven his car down to Sardis because we were all with Net in her car and following him back. We never caught up to his car. Now if you knew my grandfather, you know that he had two speeds - slow and slower!

- West was about four when Doc and I started dating. One day we were over at Net and Granddaddy's visiting and West walks in, glares at Doc and says, "Net, that boy's here again." They soon bonded though because Doc would give West more attention than anybody else at family gatherings.

- On our wedding day he told me I was the prettiest thing he had ever seen. I cried! (But, really, who's surprised by that?)

- He is growing like a weed. In our family, your first big milestone as a teenager is when you get taller than Net. West passed her about two years ago!

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