Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally Friday and Espresso Granitas

This sweet little thing is getting baptised this Sunday at Second Pres in Memphis. I absolutely cannot wait, but I know between all her great-grandmothers - Mama Jean, Net and Oliver's grandmother, Poppy; plus her grandmothers, Siggi and Biscuit - I may just have to steal her away. I'm planning on wearing flats so I can out run them.  

This little angel turned 5 months old on Wednesday - it's almost time for her HALF birthday. YAY!

In other news, my parents have been here visiting. Dad had some meetings in town yesterday so Mom and I went to Babalu's for lunch. The hostess recognized me as soon as we walked in - I may go there too much. Laura and T came over for supper and we grilled the red snapper that Doc caught a few weeks ago. For dessert I made these Espresso Granitas (only 170 calories per serving):

My chilled wine glasses were a little too big so I just did one layer instead of two. I brewed decafe coffee so we'd all be able to sleep. It took a little bit longer to freeze than the recipe said, but that may have been because it's about 104 degrees outside. Obviously, I was about halfway finished before I remembered to take a picture!

If any of you out there in blogland also read my sister's blog, you'll notice that the top picture of EM is the same, but mine looks much better (I snagged it from her blog this morning). I cropped the photo using this free, online website that is much easier than Photoshop! Go to

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