Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birthdays, Friends, & Daisy

Does anybody else feel like the summer has flown by since July 4th? June was such a long, relaxing month - I think we watched the entire third season of Castle on Hulu and went on long walks every evening. Then since the 4th it seems we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. But I'm not complaining  - 99% of it has all been lots of fun.

This past week Doc and I both celebrated our birthdays, I had a final exam, we bought a new (to us) 4Runner during a super quick trip to Memphis, I went to the Neshoba County Fair for an afternoon (pictures of EM and horse races coming soon!) and our wonderful friends from home, Daniel and Rhetta, came to visit. We had lots of fun showing them our favorite things about Jackson and catching up on each other's lives. They have to come back soon though and bring their precious son Parker.

Doc has already named his new car Daisy. Honey the Honda approves.

Rhetta and I saw this cute idea in a store in Highland Village - how cute would that be for a child's birthday banner?

I'm in love with this painting at The Outlet - a clearing house for a wholesale home accessory company.

Also at The Outlet. I love that the cushion and pillow are made out of what feels like burlap. I bought some huge coffee bags for $2 from a coffee shop downtown a few months ago and have been trying to decide what to do with them, and I think this would look great on the front porch chairs.

I'm having serious buyer's regret for not buying this lamp yesterday (also at The Outlet). It was $134 dollars and later in the day we saw glass lamps like this at Anthropologie and Ethan Allen for $498 and $519. I may have to go back for it!

It's fun getting to show off your town - Rhetta remarked how friendly everyone in Jackson is and it really is something Doc and I have noticed. We are now looking forward to one more week of work and then a week on the coast.


Rhetta said...

OK, I'm thinking you definitely have to go back and get that lamp! Now that you posted the pic I am even more convinced :). Everyone in Jackson was very friendly and that is why you and Ryan fit right in!

Kara Givens Paulk said...

We LOVED having ya'll Rhetta! I'm sending you the dates for the fair!