Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bentons Are Coming!!!

Becca, Bryan and sweet baby boy Martin will be here in a mere 24 hours and I could not be more excited. I've woken up early every morning this week just thinking is it Wednesday yet? They are on their way to the coast, and will be spending two nights with us! Bec got me through pharmacy school--we called ourselves the "Pharmacy School Bread Winners Club." We had dinner at each others homes every Thursday for Greys. Bryan and Ryan became immediate and inseperable friends right away (they both have rhyming names, have dark brown hair, like to hunt, like to drink beer, have very similiar childhoods and are both really, really nice guys so how could they not be the best of friends?). We met Becca the night before their wedding. We were in the elevator at the hotel and this girl gets in with a pretty teal dress on and carrying her shoes. I, very nicely, ask, "Are you here with the wedding?" She said, "Honey, I am the wedding" and exited the elevator. We are so blessed to have this wonderful family in our lives!

They're officially doctors of pharmacy--May 2009. You can't tell it but Bec and I are jumping out of our skins with excitment. When I went to the family day orientation for med school last August, I found myself looking for Becca. Then I realized I was going to have to do this without her--and I cried! And then I called her.  
At Lake Sardis in 2009. How many pharmacists does it take to figure out how to mount an inflatable ride? (Hint: more than two).

Being manly men--dove hunting at the Paulks' annual Labor Day dove hunt. The funny thing is they weren't posing for this picture!

And now we get to spoil this little man--he was a good sport for our New Year's Eve festivities. I can't believe it's been six months since I've seen him--he is now crawling and close to walking! 

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