Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shenanigans of Yogi & Boo Boo

We took two of our youngest friends to see Yogi Bear this weekend. Let me just say, cartoons have improved. I think the original Toy Story was the last cartoon I saw in a movie theatre. When I asked Witt (age 5) who he liked better, Yogi or Boo Boo he said Boo Boo because, "He's always correct." We thought this was really funny because before he was named his nickname was Baby Boo.

These bears were too cute! It really made me wish there were bears of the talking-kind variety. The film follows the shenanigans of Yogi as he and his relucant side-kick, Boo Boo, steal pic-a-nic baskets in Jellystone Park. When the park's future is in danger, the two jump in to try and help save it. Of course, they mess it up and then fix it. I love that all children's movies have happy endings. Even the the Boy Scout-turned-bad deputy saw the error of his ways in the end and turned out to be a good guy.

Some of my favorite Yogi Bear quotes from the movie are:

It's because I'm smarter than the average bear

There two things I learn from stealing pic-a-nic basket: 1 was The Regular mayo is better then light mayo, and 2 never give up on what you want ...

Pic-a-nic baskets may be delicious on the lips but they're a lifetime on the hips

And I really, really want a Baskitnabber 2000 for my birthday.

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