Sunday, January 2, 2011

Highlights of the Decade

It's hard to believe that we're through the first decade of the 21st century! Somehow, 2011 sounds so futuristic (is that a word?). Anyway, on the way back to Jackson from our Christmas/New Year's traveling we started talking about the last ten years. Doc, of course, couldn't name what happen in what year (he asks me all the time what year he was born), but I came up with a few good highlights:


Trail Ride 2000

Kicked the year off at Overflow at Camp Lake Stephens. Y2K didn't happen (except in Como where a squirrel got into the transformer and power was out all over town leading residents to believe that Y2K had happened), went to Penza, Russia on a mission trip with the United Methodist Church, began 11th grade, started looking at colleges and went on a trail ride in the Ozarks with the Chitwoods.


Christmas Dance 2001

On September 28, met Doc at the Magnolia Height Football game. I thought his name was Brian Polk for about two weeks. We started "going out" and in December, went to my high school's Christmas dance. Mom and Dad were in Spain, and so our grandparents saw us off.


SHS Graduation 2002

High school graduation - pictured here with the family at Senatobia First United Methodist Church the Sunday before graduation.

DDD Rush 2002

Sis and I pledge DDD at Ole Miss.


France 2003
 In Angers, France visiting with Gee and his family. We went from there to Paris where we joined one million people in the Champs-Elysees welcoming in 2004 - Bonne Annees.

Also, this year, Doc moves to Oxford and we adopt Pepe. We spent the summer in Ecuador and Peru with his parents and had an amazing trip!


Bahamas 2004

Girls' trip to the Bahamas for Spring Break.

Doc and I got engaged on September 28, 2004 in Memphis. I have a picture somewhere...

Christmas 2004 & New Years 2005

Spent New Year's Eve at Ground Zero in Clarksdale where we met Morgan Freeman. Kristen didn't feel very good - we found out why about eight months later when Witt came into the world!



Thomas graduates high school; joins his sisters that fall at Ole Miss.


Lots of wedding showers but in October the Bobos threw a party for Doc and me that was actually a suprise 50th birthday party for Dad - it was halfway through the night when he realized it really was his party! They even went so far as to make a fake party invite that Mom stuck on the fridge!

Wedding 2005

December 17, 2005 - We're hitched! And spend our honeymoon in Big Sky and Yellowstone Park.


In June, we went to Gautier for the wedding of one of Doc's new pharmacy school friends, Bryan. The night before, we were in the elevator in the hotel and this cute girl gets in. She has on a pretty dress and her shoes are in her hand, she's obviously had a fun night. To make small talk, I said, "Are you in the wedding?" She looks at me and says, "Honey, I am the wedding." And she exits the elevator. Little did I know that Bec would become become one of my best friends!

I started (and ended) by reporting gig with the New Albany Gazette and began working at Oxford-University United Methodist Church.


The Bentons and Paulks celebrate the end of the first part of pharmacy school, and our upcoming moves to Jackson, with a trip to Gulf Shores. We camped out for about four nights/five days and enjoyed perfect weather and uncrowded beaches!

Sis and Oliver get married on June 16, 2007 - somehow I can't find any pictures! But it was beautiful!

We spend the summer working on our house. As our neighbor told us, with an old house there's never a boring weekend!


Scout joins the family--September 2008

Scout joins the family.

I had my first piece published by Southern Living in July and in December we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with a skiing trip to Winter Park.


Graduation 2009_1

Ryan and Bryan graduate from pharmacy school, Becca and I retire our "Pharmacy School Breadwinners Wives" imaginary t-shirts. Sis graduates from law school and Thomas graduates (but doesn't show up to it) from Ole Miss. THat weekend we surprised mom with a 50th birthday weekend including her whole immediate family coming into town and going to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Orpheum.


In December, Thomas asks Laura to marry him and she says yes!


Doc gets into medical school! This picture was taken the night we found out in January. We had dinner plans with Kristen and Chad to go to Julip. Before we left the house, Doc was showing Chad how you could check e-mail on the iPod touch he'd gotten for Christmas. Chad was playing with it and all of a sudden said, "Hey man, you might want to check this e-mail." It was the acceptance e-mail from UMC!


Texas Roadtrip April 2010

We had a busy spring with trips to Atlanta, Murphressboro, New Orleans, San Antonio and Dallas. In August, we went to Fort Morgan and found out that Sis and Oliver were expecting. This fall we welcomed a several little boys into the world: Silas Paulk (Sept. 17), Martin Benton (Oct. 1) and Cooper Schneider (Aug. 25).


Thomas gets married - December 18, 2010.

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