Thursday, December 30, 2010

Self-timer Mishaps

I've had my camera for about a year and a half, and it's taken me all of that time to get the hang of the self-timer. And combining it with my tri-pod is more challenging that it should be. When you only have two people in your household, it essential to have any pictures that aren't solo in subject. So, this Christmas I left my tri-pod out so I wouldn't forget about it and attempted to figure it out the camera's self-timer. 

It took me a few of these (I'm the orange-y blur):

No blur, but still orange...

Third times the charm...

I'm so thankful for these friends. DeeDee and I were "set-up" by Sis and her friend May (DeeDee's best friend from Memphis). They decided since they were such good friends with each other that their friends should be friends. They came to Jackson for a weekend to introduce us. It felt like a blind-date. But it  worked! We have lots in common including (but not limited to) a love of red wine. John Eric isn't so happy that DeeDee has turned into such a red wine's hurting his budget. Doc doesn't like the fact that Nurse DeeDee has turned me into a somewhat germ-a-phobe (at least about his scrubs) and that he now has a scrub buckets for all things that went near the gross lab.

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