Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Regrets from Christmas Browsing

Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town

Don't you just hate it when, in an effort to practice more self-control, to be more thrifty, to not buy things for yourself when you're shopping for others, etc., etc., etc. you wind up kicking yourself not two seconds from when the good side of your head beat the greedy side?

Today, during lunch, my friend Kim and I were browsing at Interiors Market in Fondren when I saw a used copy of a coffeetable book on A. Hays Town houses. There were several parties for Laura and Thomas in Baton Rouge in houses that were designed or inspired by A. Hays Town and they were just lovely.

And so, when I saw a used copy of the book I thought: WhooHoo, an early Christmas present for me!
And then, No, you're shopping for others. Wait a minute, you could give it to Doc for Christmas! Yay, I can still buy it.
But then, No, that's greedy to keep buying things for you and giving them to Doc so that you can have them on Dec. 26 when they become mutual property.

And so, I put it down and not two seconds later, did some little old lady come and snatch it up. Okay, she didn't really snatch it up, but she grabbed it awfully quickly to be using cane. And then she checked out. And then we left and returned to work.

And now I'm seriously thinking about how to justify buying one on Amazon.com. Because, if I used the little search box to the right of this post, I get 15% back as an Amazon Associate. And since none of my blog readers (hint to Mom and Sis) have tested it out for me yet to see if it really works, I really should try it. Right?

Justified. And now back to work.

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MBU said...

Totally justified...and by the way, I ordered 2 books from Amazon last week, giving you the credit, so that helps!