Monday, December 13, 2010

Oldest (Not Eldest) Friends

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.
                                                           — Ralph Waldo Emerson

I spent the weekend with one of my oldest (but not eldest!) friends, Elise, who recently moved to Nashville. I think it's the most time we've spent together since college. Elise is one of those friends that no matter how long it's been since we've spent time together, we pick up like just we begged our parents to let us sit together in big church.

I literally do not remember a time when I didn't know Elise--she, Sis, and I used to call ourselves "the tripletts" and had so much fun with my little ponies, swimming, playing dress up, you name it...we probably did it--or planned to do it and I talked them out of it. On Saturday when we were counting heads for lunch, I kept coming up with six (and she five) and I said, "Oh, I think I just assumed Sis was here!"

Some things--like getting a ride in a stretch Hummer--only happen when you're with "Little" Elise. More on that later.

Friday night we had a drink at the Taproom and went to this great little place for supper called Burger Up that was the most amazing burger I've ever eaten. I got the bison burger with some type of amazing cheese. Their truffle fries took french fries to a whole new level of fried foods. We met a few of her friends from her MBA program there and then they took me to my first drag show. It was disturbing on multiple levels. Mainly that I would have never guessed they were drag queens.

Unfortunely, this is the only pic I got of us together all weekend...with a gay Santa in leather chaps. Our mothers and grandmothers will be oh so proud.

On Saturday we did a lot of shopping. At wonderful stores in Green Hills and Hillsboro Village like...

H Audrey
What didn't surprise me at all about Elise is that she knew every owner or manager or designer in every single store we went into. Her side-business is called EliseV where she is a styliest/personal shopper/closet organizer/make-over queen. She started it in Memphis and her business has taken off since moving to Nashville a few months ago. I had so much fun playing in her closet all weekend. Some things never change.

A good friend of E's manages H Audrey, owned by Hank Williams daughter, and she was a Tri Delt at Ole Miss a couple of years ahead of us. She happend to be out of town this weekend (sad!)...

This is above the cash register...I'm tring to figure out where I could do this in my house.

And Billy Reid
I found so many things I wanted to buy for Doc like these red flannel pajamas that say "Hunters Support Conservation" and "Make Cornbread Not War."

The decor in the store was amazing. Look at this mix of a buck head with fine china. Beautiful.

And then at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams we dreamed about our future houses that would hold furniture like this...

We had lunch Saturday at Silly Goose in East Nashville with my cousin Warren, his girlfriend Abby and E's friend Judson. Judson turned out to be from Clinton and we played the name-game of the greater Jackson metro area. He works at CMT and writes a really great blog: Silly Goose has amazing couscous (I got the Mexico City and it was very tasty).

We then shopped more and I drug Elise (kicking and screaming) to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. It was raining. And cold. And we sat in traffic for 45 minutes. And I just knew we'd see Dolly Parton. Then we parked a mile away and ran in the pouring rain to the hotel. She was ready to murder me. And didn't offer me her umbrella. We looked like drown rats. Elise at least looked like a stylish drowned rat. I did not. Andy Dolly Parton was not there. And thus there are NO pictures of us from this event.

After I bought her a glass of wine she calmed down and we really did enjoy the antrium.
Nashville 2010

Nashville 2010

We also saw lots of stressed out families and many, many tacky Christmas sweaters on people who thought they were being festive. Then we both swore off the color red. Forever.

As we were getting ready to leave...

Elise: I'm not walking in the rain again.
Me: Oh, really? What do you suggest?
Elise: Just watch.
2.2 minutes later
 Elise to driver of stretch Hummer lemo: Stay right here.
Lemo driver: Yes ma'm
Elise: My girlfriend and I...[blames me]...need a ride to our car parked at the Radison.
Lemo driver: Sure, ya'll hop in and don't drink their alcohol.
Us (in unison): Don't worry

Many thanks to the owner of
ONE Livery for the ride. You may have saved a friendship.

Nashville 2010

Sorry, Elise, I didn't delete that one. Dang.

We finished the day with a fabulous meal at City House with Elise's boyfriend Cooper, Warren and Abby. And then we woke up to SNOW on Sunday morning. Then it was back to my wonderful, only slightly less exciting life of dishes, laundry and work at 8 a.m. on Monday morning.

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