Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

One of my favorite things about getting out our Christmas decorations is looking at our ornaments and the special stories behind each one. It's hard for me to believe that this is our 5th Christmas to be married--time has flown by! We spent one Christmas on our honeymoon in Yellowstone Park, one in our first house in Oxford and this will be our third in Jackson.

On Christmas Eve in Yellowstone I was a little homesick and so Doc made me feel better by participating in the ornament making children's activity in the lodge. It was us and one big European family who did not speak English!
I bought this at Pier 1 in Memphis the night we got engaged on Sept. 28, 2004. I got kinda put out at Doc for rushing me...I didn't realize he was trying to make it downtown by sunset!

 Mama Jean gave me these two turtle doves at my Christmas shower two weeks before the wedding.

Sis made us this ornament...the funny part is the front says "Our First Christmas"...dates/numbers aren't a strengh for either of us!
 From our trip this spring to San Antonio to visit our friends Crady and Brad.

This little guy came from our trip in 2003 to France with my family to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary. At the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris Mom, Sis and I noticed that a guy was about to pop the question. We got very excited for them. I think they thought we were some strange Americans.

 These little dolls came from a mission trip to Russia when I was in high school.

Everything needed to make a snowman (except the snow!) from our honeymoon in Big Sky, Montana and in the background a nod to our time at Ole Miss with Col. Reb.

From my Aunt Lucile--this one always makes me smile!

This came from Pier 33 in Gulf Shores--one of my favorite places on earth.

Norwegian flags celebrate my mom's Norwegian heritage--my grandparents spent 10 years in Norway as missionaries and we still keep in touch with their best friends from there. We spent a wonderful summer there in 1998 and then Marta spent a very fun summer with us in 2000.

My Aunt Carole made this for us a few Christmases ago.
This came from a Spring Break trip to Tennessee with Doc's family.

We went with Doc's family to Canada in 2003--this little guy is a nod to all the amazing wildlife we saw--especially the moose--they were my favorite!

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Margaret said...

Great post and great stories behind each ornament.

Anytime I see a Norwegian flag I think about y'all and the strand that was on y'all's tree every year.

I still have my little souvenir from Russia that y'all brought back to me.

And yes, let's please get together while you're home!