Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Our tree--we got it at the Mississippi Farmers Market on High Street. I think it's the prettiest one we've every had! My goal now is to keep Scout from drinking the water and Pepe's tail from knocking it over!

This was a wedding gift from my grandmother's good friend, Emma George, it is so precious and peaceful and always makes me want to go to Bethlehem!

I love the Season of Advent.

This nativity set is another one of my favorite wedding presents--I highly advise getting married in December--we have wonderful Christmas decorations and each one is so special. I've kept the cards on the box of each ornament/decoration so I'll always remember!

I started collecting these International Santa Clauses after a cousin gave me one the Christmas after our trip to Norway when I was in junior high.

The kitchen does have much counter space but we added a little Christmas cheer. I can't wait to bake cookies to fill up the Santa cookie jar!

Yes, we have reindeer sheets. They are flannel. And I usually leave them on the bed until springtime. I LOVE flannel sheets. Mom, Sis and I were shopping last weekend and saw some in the Pottery Barn Outlet in Memphis and Sis said something along the lines of "that looks like something you would have"...I informed her I already did!


Signy said...

Love it! It's beginning to feel a little like Christmas...

Rhetta said...

Those sheets look really comfy!