Friday, December 24, 2010

Fairy Doors

Last night we went to a party at some friends' house down the street. They have lived in the house about a year and a half and have totally redone it. The whole house was amazing but my favorite part was...the fairy houses.

Yes, fairy houses. Look on the baseboard of the bookshelf:

 See the small red door? Below, is our hostess, Kaytie, and me. I felt like a giant!

You had to squat down and basically get on the floor to see inside (not that easy to do in heels and cocktail dresses)!

A fairy-sized Christmas tree!

 A fairy-sized bookshelf (complete with a duck decoy) along with hardwood floors and a rug.

And a fairy-sized fireplace with stockings. I wonder if a fairy-sized Santa can fit down that chimney?

 Doc with Del--couldn't they be brother and sister? The wall behind them was covered with pages from a vintage cookbook--so cute!

Doc with our host, Drew, don't they look good not in scrubs and up to their ears in Grey's books?

And then there was one more fairy door (but only fairies can open this one) on the bookshelf in a bedroom.

Happy Christmas Eve!

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