Monday, December 6, 2010

City Bells

Some people would laugh that I consider Jackson to be a "city" because it's not that big of a place (compared to Memphis or Dallas) but it's a lot bigger than the other two towns where I've lived--Senatobia and Oxford. This time of year, though, there's a lot of fun stuff to do. My mom came to keep me company while Doc gets ready for exams and boards and we had a lot of fun packing in as many of the Christmas activities as we could. My assignment for the weekend was to put her in the Christmas spirit--mission accomplished!

On Friday night we went downtown for the Candlelight Tour of the Governor's Mansion and Capitol Building. The theme at the Governor's Mansion was "Northeast Mississippi" and there was an Ole Miss tree, State tree and Elvis Tree. We had a glass of wine at the King Edward and after supper walked with Ashley and her children to the Singing Christmas Tree at Belhaven.

Outside the Governor's Mansion

They served Mississippi sugar cookies and gingerbread men with hot chocolate at the end of the tour

Mississippi School of the Arts Choir singing in the Capitol

Belhaven's Singing Christmas Tree
On Saturday we took Doc to get a hair cut and get measured for his tux (wedding is in TWO weeks!), found Mom an outfit for the Wedding Day Brunch, did a little Christmas shopping (but mainly found things for ourselves), went for a walk, had supper at Julip and then saw Mississippi Metropolian Ballet's "The Nutcracker," followed by a visit with friends. We slept hard that night!

Mom left after early church on Sunday and then I spent the day working on some Christmas sewing projects. Or attempting anyway. It took me most of the afternoon to get my machine set up and everything cut out. I'm thinking (and really, really hoping) that the actual sewing part will be a lot easier. Doc's study group came for supper--I think they can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I'm so thankful for the good friends he's made in the first semester!


Becca said...

Can't wait to see those Christmas sewing projects!! Or maybe just one in particular.

Kara Givens Paulk said...

Yes!!! That one is project numero is coming along very nicely.