Monday, December 27, 2010

Bridge Lesson #1

I'm not someone that's big into New Year's Resolutions. I think they should be creative--and not just about losing weight, eating healthier, going to church more, etc. A few years ago Doc's was to drink more different types of beer. This year, I've decided two things: learn how to play bridge and pick back up the piano.

And, there's no better time than the present to get started!

Net plays every Saturday with a group of ladies and I've watched on-and-off my entire life. One time, I think it was the summer after the fourth grade, we were in Gulf Shores and Net tried to teach Mom, Sis and me how to play. I think I was called the "dummy" on the first round and I gave up on that as a recreational activity.

So, this year, I'm in for trying again and we had our first lesson on Sunday afternoon.

What I learned:
-bridge has a lot of jargon like: "false club," "always cover an honor (facecard) with an honor)," "on the board" and it's extremely important to "get trumps out quick"
-it requires a lot more math than I am comfortable with
-it's very complicated to determine your bid--that seems like the hardest part including guidelines like: to raise a person to change suits you must have 10 points and to raise in suit you must have seven points
-it's good to have a void (none of one suit)
-suites are ranked spades, hearts, diamonds, then clubs

And to quote "big" Elise, "Breast Your Cards!"

Lesson #2 Coming Soon:)

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