Sunday, December 19, 2010

Announcing: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Frank Givens...Dec. 18, 2010

Laura and Thomas' wedding weekend has been such a blast. The weekend started off with a wonderful dinner at Ruby and Allen's house on Thursday night. Then on Friday we had the bridesmaids and groomsmens' luncheons. That night the rehearsal and then dinner at City Club. Thomas did such a great job on his toast! Saturday was a fun day with a wedding day brunch that was hosted by many of our Gandy cousins and some friends of Laura's parents. Sis and I decided that it's much more fun to be on the groom's side than the bride's--we had so much fun dressing up and visiting with all of our extended family and friends.

 Getting ready to put on the dress!

 Waiting for it all to begin!

On Friday night, we celebrated our five-year of the many reasons I love December weddings.

Mom and Daddy--so happy!

Time to party! The reception was at the Old Governor's Mansion in downtown Baton Rouge. The wedding was right across the street at First Presbyterian. It was the first wedding in the newly renovated sanctuary.

Bad boys! Such fun for all of the "youngest" counsins--West Givens, Walker Gandy (pincher!), and Thomas Gandy--to get to hang out. Net says that West is a Buford--I see it here!

Sis and Margaret (Crews) Bond--both expecting the first great-grandchild for Net and Renie in March!

The Buford cousins: Warren, Amy, Susan, Meg, Tom, Buford, William, (Missing Frank!)--we'll photoshop him in. Father-of-the-groom duties called!

My spray tan is a little intense. I'm really hoping that Sis and Nancy are super pale or that the flash is making me look this dark.

 The mamas!

The Anderson crowd (or most of them!): Josh, Chris, Mark, Bonnye, Mama Jean, Austen, and Papa Carrel.

 Mama Jean with her girls.

 My bridesmaid's bouquet.

 Thomas and Noah...many, many great memories (and a few long nights!) with these two.

Laura's dad, Allen, with his sister and her family.

Thomas with the Anderson crowd! Aunt Betty and Uncle Ronald (not pictured) came from Forestburg, Texas.

It's official and legal!

 Laura's sister-in-law, Liz, and her daughter, Morgan, the cutest flower girl!

 Well, this flower girl was just as cute!

Old Governor's Mansion.

Our friends from Italy (and South Korea)...I think they get the award for the farthest travel. Matia came to both my wedding and Sis'--how great that his parents and girlfriend got to come to Thomas' wedding?

Quite a cake! It was beautiful and delicious! T's cake was yellow with chocolate icing and a Colonel Reb on top. I ate both!

Headed to the Big Apple as Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frank Givens.

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MBU said...

Wedding pictures are fab and everyone looked beautiful! West does look just like Buford, and the cousin I do not know on the far right in that same pic reminds me of Thomas when he was younger! P.S. you weren't kidding about that looked GOOD on you!

Kara Givens Paulk said...

The one on the end is Warren's son, Thomas. He does look like our Thomas! He's in the 8th grade...

Becca said...

Enjoyed all the pictures! Your parents look fabulous in the pic of just the two of them. And, I love the one of you and Ryan!! The tan looks great on you.

mark lawrence said...

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