Friday, November 19, 2010

The Wedding is in ONE month...

Laura and Thomas' wedding was exactly ONE month from yesterday! The wedding festivities kick-off this weekend in Baton Rouge with a engagement party honoring them the night before the LSU v. Ole Miss game.

This is the happy couple at their announcement party in Baton Rouge in April. Thomas has what we call "Visa Eyes"...basically what Dad's eyes look like when he gets the Visa bill...

We're so excited to be going to Baton Rouge, seeing our wonderful family and friends and hopefully continuing Ole Miss' two-game winning streak in the series. When we were in the 8th grade, Sis and I came back from spending Spring Break with our cousins in Baton Rouge and told Dad we thought we'd go to LSU. His answer was along the lines of, "Not if I'm paying for it..."

He's held a grudge against the Tigers for along time. Like most Ole Miss fans, he loves going through the Grove, finding a group of people in that awful purple and gold and yelling, "Go to hell LSU." In the '60s he and his parents and younger brother went to the Orange Bowl, at LSU, to watch the Rebels play. Net and Granddaddy (the ever thrifty accountant) had tickets with Net's sister and her husband but sent their boys to the LSU student section. Apparently, the students took Buford's little Rebel flag and burned it and then threw oranges at both of them!

But that's all really besides the point, other to say that we are so, so excited about this wedding that's taking place in Baton Rouge. For me, especially, it's been fun thinking that exactly five years ago, I was thinking, our wedding is 1 month away...then three weeks away...then two weeks away...then to think we've been married five years (and dated for four years before that)'s amazing how time flies when you're havin' fun.

T popped the question in Oxford last December...he had asked Sis and me for ideas. We told him exactly opposite of how to do it and then he took advice from neither of us. I love his eyes in this picture...We toasted them the next night with champagne in Senatobia and Laura told the story of how Thomas dropped the ring in her purse and then acted like he couldn't find his wallet...then they went to City Grocery and celebrated.

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