Monday, November 29, 2010

Thinking of Thanksgiving

Now that Cyber Monday is upon us and I have--pause--done NO shopping online, I've been able to reflect on what an awesome four days we had in our old "stomping grounds." Besides the fire, our time at home was really uneventful.

Doc did a lot of duck hunting and slept in a cabin in Marks with no heat, electricity or running water. He loved every second of it. And it made it very easy for me to choose to stay with my parents!

I had lots of time to walk, cook and visit with my family and friends. I finally made it out to the Boundre Place to see Pete and got in a good visit with a friend who was my Saturday morning riding partner from jr. high unitl I left for college--we are planning a ride after Christmas. It was fun to see her horses (several new ones) and dogs. It also really made we want to add Wild Mustang Pony to my Christmas list (if Santa happens to read this.)

Mom and I went to Memphis on Saturday morning to have lunch with Sis at her favorite place--Panera Bread. And we got to see Elizabeth Magee's nursery. I think she told me not to take photos but I did snap this one of the crib when she wasn't looking. So, so precious.

That afternoon, Doc and I went to see our best friends from pharmacy school. We married exactly six months apart and Bec and I joked that we were the "Pharmacy School Bread Winners Club." When we all lived in Oxford we had supper club/Grey's watching night every Thursday night and took turns cooking. We mourned when they left us living in Jackson and moved back to Oxford for our P6 year. They now live in Arlington, Tenn. and have the most precious little boy--Martin Bryant--born on October 1st of this year.

We hogged him (sorry Mamie and Papa John).

And loved on him.

And reallly, really wanted to take him home with us.

But, we left knowing that he'll always be comforted by the life-size cardboard cutout of his daddy that will soon grace every Fred's store in 11 states!!! (And will hopefully one day have a place in our living room. We're thinking of making a Butler Bryan, a Santa Bryan, a Halloween get the idea).