Monday, November 8, 2010

"Secretariat" A Must See for Horse Lovers

DeeDee and I went to go see Secretariat yesterday and I can just say it may challenge Titanic for being my all-time favorite movie to see on the big screen. If I still had all that babysitting cash that I did in 1997 I would probably go see it seven times or more. But it costs more to see a movie here than at Tobie Town Twin Cinemas thirteen years ago. A lot more. And I have bills. I didn't really get that concept in 1997.

But I digress, the movie is faboulous:


On the way there, DeeDee (laughingly) said, "This movie is going to make you want a racehorse..."

Little did she know (unitl then)...that I do have my very own racehorse. Well, not really a racehorse. Except in his head where he is King-of-the-Last-Great-Indian-Stallions (a.k.a. Pete):

Some of my favorite things about Pete:
1. His age. It's undetermined. Upon his arrival into our family in the summer of 1994it was said to be "around seven" horse-trader terms this could be anywhere from three to 12. My best guess is he's now around 24 years young.

2. He poses for cameras (just like "Big Red"). He always has--it's the only way we got any ribbons at the Tate County Saddle Club shows on Saturday nights (that and if there happened to be less than five in the class.) I fell off while warming up in the ring the first time I was actually going to get to do one of the riding classes. I chipped my tailbone. It still hurts after sitting down for too long in the wrong position.

3. His favorite songs are: "Jesus Loves the Little Horses" (as written by my mom!) and "Home, Home on the Range"

4. His bag of tricks. For a horse that came packaged as child-friendly, we were all in for a big surprise when the first thing this small Appaloosa did when three kids started screaming that daddy FINALLY bought a horse they could ride was anything but "child-friendly." His newest trick is to just lie-down. He's thinking "You're are out of quarters--this ride is over. At first I thought he was dying. I jumped off and started freaking out. Doc (we were riding double) just stayed on to "teach him a lesson." After about five minutes, Pete gave a big sigh and got his big-butt off the ground and continued the pony ride without a hitch. I can't tell you the number of kids in Tate County (all of them much better riders than me) told me they broke an arm coming off him. Doc actually remembers him from his childhood when he was owned by a family friend. He wasn't allowed to ride him.

5. He walks four times faster when headed towards the barn, than away from it. This is part of the overly-head strong thing that makes you either love or hate Appolosas.

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