Thursday, November 25, 2010

Part 2: Stay Calm and Gobble On

So, before we even had a chance to gobble--let alone get the turkey in the oven--we had to call the fire department! Thank God for the wonderful men in the Senatobia Volunteer Fire Department.

Here's the short story: Doc and I had been at my parents house for less than an hour. Dad was in Oxford working on his duck hole, Thomas was napping, Laura and Ryan were sitting at the dining room table studying for their upcoming exams and Mom and I were in my room admiring her dresses for the wedding.

Scout and Pepe were in the kitchen and Scout starting barking. As this is not unusual, we all ignored him. When Mom and I came into the kitchen from the back of the house the den and kitchen were FILLED with smoke and a fire was spreading from the vent-a-hood up into the attic above! We both started screaming and Doc ran in from the living room, it awoke Thomas from his nap and he and Doc attempted to put it out with baking soda and a disfunctioning fire extinguisher. When that didn't work they sprinted to the hall, pulled down he atic door and started an assembly line of passing water from the kitchen and hall bath up to the attic.

At the same time that Doc, T, Mom & Laura were trying to save the house, I put Pepe & Scout in my car (by this time Mom had called the Fire Department) so they wouldn't get hit by the fire trucks. Then I saved the mint julep cups, Mom's favorite china from her mother, photo books, painting from Papa Carrel, and some more of Mom's favorite things.

In the end, the firemen said that Doc and T saved the house and it was just moments away from going up in flames. They were wonderful and got to the house extremely fast--most of them were probably enjoying their Thanksgiving dinners! One of the funnier moments was that T was in his boxers for the whole ordeal and only after it was all over did he even realize that he had no clothes on! I told him that's why most people sleep in pajama pants and he said we were all lucky he had on what he did!


We still had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Our sweet neighbors (whose home burned down in four minutes time a few years ago) cooked our turkey for us and helped us clean up. The kitchen was a mess but electrician came and we had electricity to cook everything else.

Net showing Laura the second-day hankerchief that belonged to my great-great-great-great-great grandmother. It is old. To say the least. It is going to be her "something old."
The "non-bloods." Yes, we are that family who takes "blood" and "non-blood" pictures. This wasn't posed though--it just happened. Doc and Oliver are so happy to have another person in their picture!

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