Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Keep Calm and Gobble On

Doc and I are hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner this evening with some of our friends in Jackson because one of each of the other couples has to work Thanksgiving Day (definitely the downside of working in the medical field). Doc worked every holdiay last year (thank you CVS Pharmacy) and so I know that it is no fun having to celebrate without your other half!!!

So our menu is: Cherries Jubliee-Black Pepper Glazed Ham, Mama Jean's Macroni and Cheese, Sourdough and Sausage Dressing, Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, Bread and Pecan Pie. And possibly Mammy's Cheese Waffers for cocktail time.

The silver is polished, table is set, and all I have left to do this afternoon is cook the ham, sweep the floor, and sample the wine tasty food.

I found some really cute free print outs at to use on the table as name cards and also to put around as decorations. It's so hard to find cute Thanksgiving things but I think that's also one reason why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There is no pressure to be everywhere on the same day. And retailers jump straight from Halloween to Christmas in their marketing ploys.

Doc is a huge duck hunter and this year Mississippi's duck season opens at sunrise on Friday morning. So, he's happy if he gets to hunt to his heart's content and I'm happy if I get to do what I want to do--hang out with my family and friends and watch "It's a Wonderful Life" an insane number of times, start cooking Christmas sweets and decorate the house and tree. It's a win-win situation.

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Rhetta said...

Your meal sounds delicious! You are so talented. I am ready to eat my heart out tomorrow! :)