Sunday, October 31, 2010


Belhaven is so much fun beginning with Halloween. From now 'til Mardi Gras nearly every house is decked out. Jackson "celebrated" the Day of the Dead on Saturday with trick-or-treaters. Due to Ole Miss & State having home games and JSU's homecoming the trick-or-treaters were not quite as plentiful as normal. Ashley and her children came over and handed out candy with me--our hubsands were occupied with medical duties but we had out own little party.

On Sunday night the "baby doll" Belhaven Garden Club co-sponsored a block party with games, a band, and trick-or-treating.

Scout made lots of friends at our block party.

Cute, cute fairy.
Jude as a skeleton.

Mrs. Hederman with trick-or-treaters.

Baby Monkey -- First Halloween!

Natalee and I were both Wonder Women Saturday night--thanks to her sweet mama who has the best costume collection in the world.

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Ashley said...

cute pics! we didn't make it to the block party until 7 and all the kids mine's age were making a mass exodus....i'm guessing their parents were responsibly going home for bedtime??? i wish we had made it sooner but justin was crashed from last night. i didn't complain because now i am doing what I want to do! computer!!