Monday, October 11, 2010

Mini Cooper & Friends

Our friends Crady & Brad (aka "Brady") were in town this past weekend for a wedding. They came over Thursday night with their new, precious little boy Cooper. Cooper is now about six weeks old and weighs about six pounds! He is a tiny little man but already has a great personality. Our friend Ashley also came over with her 4-month-old Natalee. Ashley and her husband Justin lived in Little Rock for awhile and the Bradys just moved there this summer so they had a lot to talk about. I had a lot of fun holding their babies.

This is Brad with Coop in the kitchen.

Natalee...she is so pretty!

Crady and me with Natalee and Cooper. Crady is one of those friends I've known all my life and we're in each other's birthday videos but didn't really get to be great friends until after college even though we both went to Ole Miss.

This is little Coop on his bear, next to his lion. FYI, I think Jack Bobo should go as Grand Jack...kinda goes with Grand Biscuits...

Doctors discussing something very medical...we tuned them out just a bit. I love how Brad has totally mastered the wine glass and baby pose so quickly.

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Crady said...

He's sooo much bigger now (Cooper, not Brad). Can't wait for you to get to see him again!! When are ya'll coming for a visit?