Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gabbert Sisters

There were eight Gabbert sisters and two boys. I'm sure in the early 1900s most families would have preferred boys but most of the pictures and stories are of "The Sisters." There are very few pictures of the boys. I don't know why...boys just aren't as much fun. I think Doc would die if I had seven sisters. He and O have issues some times with just two sisters. We talk alot. Thank the Lord for free long distance.

Gabbert Sisters, originally uploaded by Kara Paulk.
A certain counsin was once heard to declare at a Christmas party, "If in the 60s the U.S. government had had the communication system of "the Sisters" there would not have been a Cold War." He apparently was spanked and/or berated if he misbehaved at school by every Sister he had to walk by on the way home. Which was most of them.

For any cousin who grew up in Senatobia, let's see how well you were listening:

1) Name them in order?

2) What did Sister take when she married?

3) Which one was named for a racehorse?

4) Which two shared a husband (after one died-we're not that weird!)?

5) One was married to a preacher from K-O-S-C-I-U-S-K-O (...some board at FBC didn't know who they were crossing when they attempted to cut this down, planted in his memory, for a parking lot)?

6) Who served dessert first, before Sunday dinner, after church?

7) Who only made right hand turns while driving an automobile?

8) Who shot a mule who was in her garden in the middle of town? She called her husband who called the livery man and asked the price of his most expensive mule. Her husband then paid the man that plus a little more and told him to get the dead thing out of his front yard. The sister claimed she was trying to scare the mule--not kill it.

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