Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun in the Sun after 61 Years

I spent last weekend with my grandparents, Mama Jean and Papa Carrel, in Gulf Shores, Alabama. They were celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary. Wow.

Gulf Shores is literally one of my favorite places on earth. Besides Senatobia, I probably know my way Gulf Shores better than anywhere else. This is saying something for a directional-challenged individual.

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend and I (as always) learned so much from both of them. MJ and I watched the sunrise and the sunset every day. PC was a great layout buddy (even if he is a big wart!). I really enjoyed watching them watch the Alabama game-Papa Carrel is a retired Bama professor and Mama Jean is probably their biggest football fan-if that coach ever needs any advice Mama Jean could tell him a thing or two!

MJ's marriage advice:
"You know the most important things to be able to say in a marriage are, "I'm sorry" and "You're right." Well, Papa Carrel really can't say either so he just says, "I'm sorry you're right."

My favorite PC quotes were:
"Oh honey, that's just more to love"
(On my comment on some rather large women in very small swimsuits.)

"Look at this, all this time in the sun has made my chest hair turn white"
(On my comment that with such a tan his hair sure looked white).

Mama Jean is going to hate that I got a picture of her without lipstick on--she had no idea my zoom was so good or she would've run inside.

The beaches were beautiful. You could still see small specks of oil and I found a few shells covered in tar but overall it was gorgeous. I hope the Gulf Coast will make a full recovery--it is absolutely the most beautiful place in America (in my humble opinion.)

This is us at Bahama Bob's. I showed them my favortie places to eat and they treated me to as many of them as we could fit into in two days.

A beutiful sunrise.

The sunsets on a perfect beach day.

My mom named me after Papa Carrel (in a way). They didn't want to name me Carrel and my great-grandmother on my dad's side was Kathleen and so she merged the two. She was very disappointed to find out she hadn't "made-up" the name.
The love birds after church at Grace Fellowship PCA on Sunday morning. They found a new "church home" there and I really enjoyed being there. The first person I met was a really nice man originally from Crenshaw (whose mother was a Garrett and remembered my grandfather). In fact, my dad's favorite duck hole is in Crenshaw on the Harris-Garrett place. I'm sure there's a connection back there. He left home at 17 to join the service for WWII and never has lived in Mississippi again. He and his wife actually used to live in our neighborhood in Jackson and then retired on the Gulf Coast. Such a small world.

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