Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Antiquing in Natchez

Last week I went to Natchez for the PRAM state conference. I ended up only being able to get away from work to go to part of it but I had a great time rediscovering Natchez! Doc had given me $200 to buy a dress for my brother's announcement party in Baton Rouge this weekend. I was very excited about a new dress.

Until I saw it. A small wooden box. Sitting on a rocking chair. $220.

And I heard the man say "We'll work with you on a price, just tell me what you like." There was an audible groan coming from Doc...he knew it was coming. He just wasn't sure how much it would cost him.

It's a 19th century Victorian writing box. He's one of the many people I talked to in Natchez who came there because their home or work was destroyed by Katrina. He told me he owned a bar in NOLA before the storm. He also advised me to hang unto my Drew Brees football.

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