Friday, April 30, 2010

Back Blogging: Texas Road Trip

In April 2010 we drove to San Antonio to visit Crady and Brad before they moved to Little Rock for residency. It was an great roadtrip and only involved one shady hotel stay - the problem with traveling with dogs!

We were there during the Fiesta festival - 10 days of events, fireworks and parades. The Fiesta is mentioned in "1,000 Places to See Before You Die" so we got one more entry marked off in our book! San Antonio was huge and we heard way more Spanish than English. I'd been to San Antonio in high school with my family for a Rotary convention, but Ryan had never visited. We learned all about cascarones (colorful eggshells filled with confetti that are broken over unsuspecting heads) - I was completely shocked when Crady smashed one on top of my head when we arrived at a party. We ate at Mi Tierra and tried mole sauce for the first time. Loved it! We visited the Alamo and River Walk with borders both banks of the San Antonio River.

After we left "Brady" we stopped along the San Antonio Missions National Park Trail. The Alamo is the fifth mission preserved along the trail. It's downtown but the rest of the missions are out from the city. Pictured above is me in front of Mission Conception - also Mission Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción de Acuña  - founded in 1716 by Franciscan friars. Sunday Mass is still offered here. If we'd been dressed appropriately I would have loved to go to a service!

No trip is complete without a little shopping and all Texans buy their boots from Cavender's!

The most famous gas station in Texas...Czech Stop in West, Texas. The line line wrapped all around the inside of the store!

And meeting up with Sarah Hunt and Hunter at Chuy's Tex-Mex in Dallas.

The next morning we walked around downtown Dallas and saw where JFK was shot. Somehow I can't find those photos or the any with Uncle Rob - we had lunch with him in Canton!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fireworks at Mississippi Braves

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Natchez & Baton Rouge

White House, Red Roof

Announcement Party in Baton Rouge for Laura & Thomas


Thomas is wondering when this will end

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Antiquing in Natchez

Last week I went to Natchez for the PRAM state conference. I ended up only being able to get away from work to go to part of it but I had a great time rediscovering Natchez! Doc had given me $200 to buy a dress for my brother's announcement party in Baton Rouge this weekend. I was very excited about a new dress.

Until I saw it. A small wooden box. Sitting on a rocking chair. $220.

And I heard the man say "We'll work with you on a price, just tell me what you like." There was an audible groan coming from Doc...he knew it was coming. He just wasn't sure how much it would cost him.

It's a 19th century Victorian writing box. He's one of the many people I talked to in Natchez who came there because their home or work was destroyed by Katrina. He told me he owned a bar in NOLA before the storm. He also advised me to hang unto my Drew Brees football.


Doc and I have often talked about how grateful we are for the number of good couple friends we have. As anyone knows, couple friends are hard to find--the fact that four individual people have to all like each other is a challenge.

The very first "couple" friend we made as a "couple" are Chad and Kristen. Our joke is that we'll always have to live in the same town. They bought the house next door to Doc's the summer they married. Kristen, hell bent on making friends with the neighbor (even if there was a coin operated 70's washer and dryer on the carport and the guy only seemed to have army surplus pants with holes) invited Doc over to eat before they had even unpacked. I was at home with my parents and he called me shocked that the new neighbor had come over, talked for an hour, and then insisted he come over for a steak.

Fast forward two years and Kristen (who's determined we need to hurry up and get married like they are) has picked out an engagement ring for me and ordered it from her friend in Atlanta. Two days before we were planning a big dinner in Memphis to celebrate our meeting anniversary she caught me out in the yard and said, very seriously: "Now don't get mad but your ring came in and it was terribly ugly and so I had Ryan send it back...don't expect it before New Year's." She loved me enough to lie and I was so surprised!

Five years later we are all now living in the Jackson area and they've invited us to every family dinner, birthday party, boat outing and soccer game. Witt is 4 and Katelyn is almost 2. They are so adorable and just miniture versions of their parents. This weekend Witt and Ryan went to see How to Feed Your Dragon and loved it. Witt thinks Ryan is the coolest person in the world even though I keep bribing him with candy. Sugar whistles shaped like blue bunnies apparently don't hold a candle to mud tires. Katelyn is probably the smartest and most helpful toddler there has ever been. She told me when she was hungry, what she wanted (hotdog not mac & cheese), where her pjs were, and where to find a diaper all with one word answers.

On the way home we talked about how what great friends they are and how much they've done for us! Our wedding would have been a complete disaster without Kristen's wedding planning skills (even though I told her I didn't need a wedding planner)! Everytime I watch our wedding video I see her in the background telling someone what to do and I say a silent "thank you!"